OpSus Cloud Services

OpSus|Manage is a cloud-based monitoring and management solution designed to help customers to monitor, maintain, and optimize their on-premise technology platform.

OpSus|Manage applies the same best-of-breed monitoring and support management tools used in the OpSus Cloud to hospital on-premise data centers and provides remote, real-time monitoring and management services for technology infrastructure.  OpSus|Manage provides proactive management to augment reactive support.

Customers with OpSus|Manage services gain valuable insight into platform performance and capacity through the MyOpSus portal as well as access to service management and reporting tools.

OpSus|Manage provides essential data to baseline, troubleshoot, support, and recognize trends by monitoring:


  • Physical and Virtual Server Infrastructure
  • Data Center Storage
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Application Backups


OpSus|Manage applies CloudWave extensive experience managing healthcare infrastructure and custom, optimized monitoring tools specially tuned for MEDITECH environments to the hospital data center.  Our unique understanding of capacity and performance thresholds, expert event handling, and knowledgebase enable CloudWave to provide unique monitoring and management services tailored for MEDITECH hospitals.