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Published on 02/11/2015 by Karen Giampietro
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What is Patient and Consumer Health Portal?

The Patient and Consumer Health Portal is MEDITECH’s mechanism to actively engage patients in their care by allowing them access to online health information.  It allows the patient, and their authorized family members, access to a variety of information from exchanging secure messages with providers, obtaining Health Summaries, scheduling appointments, and a variety of other clinical and billing information.

Beyond the application layer

As a Project Manager here at Park Place International, I’ve overseen numerous Patient and Consumer Portal implementations.  The key thing to understand is that the Patient and Consumer Health Portal solution is an integrated package.  It involves not only the application but also specific hardware requirements for the product to work properly and consistently.

Of course, I’ve found that there are a lot of moving parts to getting any project off the ground, especially when you are dealing with application specialists, IT requirements, obtaining SSLs, etc.  Patient Portal implementations are no different.  I have seen the advantage diligent planning can provide.  The most successful implementations I have overseen were ones for which we had a planning guide before initiation.

When creating your planning guide, I suggest the following:

  • Articulate multiple small steps in the process for ease of implementation and management.
  • Clearly define a responsibility list for your site, for MEDITECH, and for any third party integrator you might be working with.
  • Include a Facility Readiness Checklist

If you would like assistance at any stage in your planning process please contact us atcustomersfirst@parkplaceintl.com