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VMWorld 2013 – VMware NSX

Published on 09/04/2013 by Brian Nelson
Category: Virtualization

VMWorld 2013 provided a bevy of official announcements, including vSphere 5.5. But clearly, the star of this year’s conference is VMWare NSX, Network Virtualization for vSphere.In the weeks leading up to VMWorld, I attempted to pre-register for ANY of the many breakout sessions wrapped around NSX only to learn on each attempt that all sessions were already full. I did my best airport sprints each day at VMWorld, dashing from NSX session to NSX session in ...

Unified Computing: “A Game Changer’

Published on 02/15/2013 by Brian Nelson
Category: Systems Monitoring and Management, Servers

The term “game-changer” is often thrown around our industry carelessly, in a haphazard attempt by the product’s owner to market it. Any minor advancement is hyped by its owner as a “game-changer”. When, in reality, true “game-changers” are few and far between. My boss is fond of the term “strategic enabler”.  A strategic enabler is a product that does not simply improve upon the status quo, but rather shifts the status quo in ...