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BYOD - Bring Your Own Device or Bring Your Own Disease (Technological Typhoid Mary)

Published on 06/03/2013 by Chris Lichtenberg
Category: Healthcare IT

I can’t claim credit for the full title.  It was actually taken from a Tech Republic article about viruses and other nasties that personal portable devices can bring.  In fact, if you Google “Bring Your Own Disease”, you’ll find many other related articles.The joy of BYOD is that you can reduce capital expenses for devices like phones, laptops, and tablets. And training employees on the platform is reduced because they are already familiar ...

It's Just Doing What It’s Told

Published on 04/11/2013 by Chris Lichtenberg
Category: Printing and Peripherals

Specialty printers are basically dumb. Sure they have CPUs, 1-2MB of memory, and Network Interface Cards (NICs) that interface with the printing engine.  They can have a verifier attached, or a wireless NIC.  They could employ MCL, RFID, NFC and host of other acronyms.  They could come with a manual that makes you think you need a PhD.  And, yet, they can act like Sergeant Schultz (from Hogan’s Heroes) in the production environment.  ...