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Disaster Recovery: The Business Impact Assessment

Published on 12/11/2013 by Mark Middleton
Category: Disaster Recovery

As you prepare your Christmas checklist for those that you love, let’s not forget to include a stocking stuffer our old friend, Disaster Preparedness. After all, he never sleeps! Over the last decade, we’ve experienced a staggering increase in natural disasters as demonstrated in a recent FEMA chart (2013 not included).In our last Disaster Recovery segment, we discussed the building blocks of a Disaster Recovery program and did a high level overview of the first ...

The Building Blocks of Disaster Recovery

Published on 06/25/2013 by Mark Middleton
Category: Disaster Recovery

With hurricane season looming around the corner, folks will soon be scrambling to dust off their disaster recovery plans, many of them untested, and many unexecutable.  With a three-fold increase in the number of average annual disasters since 1993, along with applicable elements of HIPAA and HITECH legislation, a growing concern of healthcare providers is fortifying their disaster posture before going to battle with the next catastrophe.In an ideal world, a comprehensive disaster recovery playbook would contain ...

Planning Your Data Center Capacity Needs

Published on 04/23/2013 by Mark Middleton
Category: Healthcare IT

As you plan for your computing demands for the coming years, most IT Managers focus on planning for growth and refreshing applications, servers, storage and network components. An equally important, but often over looked factor, is the actual data center facility itself, which houses, powers, cools, and secures the valuable contents of your IT infrastructure.     Blade and unified computing, while offering many benefits, have definitely resulted in an increase of watts per cabinet to effectively ...

The Quest for Data Center Availability

Published on 01/08/2013 by Mark Middleton
Category: Healthcare IT

The fusion of health care reform, exponential data growth, and increase of computing density bring a number of demands and resulting questions to health care systems and providers, no matter their size or stature.  Reform measures require health care providers to  digitize their care process in a meaningful way and make the data readily available at all times to the appropriate people that need it.   When the provider successfully implements the nirvana app to transform ...

YOU and the Expanded Incident Lifecycle...

Published on 11/29/2012 by Mark Middleton
Category: ITIL

There’s nothing like grabbing a cup of hot cocoa on a cold blustery day during the festive month of December and curling up with some reading on ITIL theory courtesy of the IT Infrastructure Library.  Bah, humbug?  It would be more fun to string up a hundred strands of half burned-out Christmas lights during an ice storm on a three story house with a 13/12 pitch roof, you say?   Well…take a step back ...