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Keep Your Head In the Clouds

Published on 12/06/2012 by Matt Donahue
Category: Cloud Computing

While sitting at home this past weekend watching my 3 year old and 6 year old running around having light saber duels and continuing the epic battle between the Jedi and the Sith, (yes we here at Park Place do have a special place in our hearts for Star Wars), I started to recall my own childhood.  Do you remember the days when we were all children?  They seem like so long ago now, but I would ...

Cloud Services: There Is A Solution for YOU

Published on 10/30/2012 by Matt Donahue
Category: Cloud Computing

I recently read an article by Randy Bias, CTO of Cloudscaling, entitled “Enterprise Virtualization Clouds vs. Elastic Infrastructure Clouds” 1.   Mr. Bias outlines two distinct cloud environments:   the “Enterprise Virtualization Cloud” (EVC), and the “Elastic Infrastructure Cloud” (EIC), and talks about the differences he sees between the two.  I highly recommend taking some time to review this article.  While reading this, I began to think about all of the different terms ...