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Published on 05/14/2013 by Rob Bruno
Category: Virtualization

Recently, with the deployment of VDI, maintaining the MEDITECH client updates can pose some challenges. The ever-changing client environment makes using some sort of cloning and deployment technology a must.  Why?  With cloning technology you can apply a MEDITECH change to a “gold image” of the desktop, test the changes, and when ready, rapidly deploy the changes.

Depending on your VDI supplier, these cloning technologies may work slightly differently.  However, there’s typically a “re-deploy” feature that will refresh each desktop with the new image.   If the update is not mandatory, no further deployment is necessary.  If the update is mandatory, you will need to schedule a period where all users are logged off, and apply the refresh to the entire desktop pool.

As a member of the OpSus team, I routinely perform client updates on behalf of our customers.  In my experience, I’ve found that working with a clone of the desktop reduces risk and avoids potential problems.  Give it a try next time, and stop dreading that “dreaded update”.

Rob Bruno is Senior Technical Principal in the Office of the CTO at Park Place International. Rob has extensive MEDITECH experience. He has closely worked with MEDITECH senior engineering since 1991 while working for Gandalf Systems. After joining JJWild in 1993, and subsequently Perot Systems and Dell Services,  he has continued to work closely with engineering resources to develop customer support networks, disaster recovery procedures and cloud based hosting facilities. Rob shares a common goal of making the cloud computing model work in the real world of Healthcare Information Systems. Rob holds a B.A. in Computer Information Sciences and Mathematics from Iona College.