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Take the Initiative, Not the Blame

Published on 06/28/2013 by Clay Sides
Category: Healthcare IT

Let me ask you a question; How often do you go to the doctor? Do you have an annual checkup, or only go when something is wrong?We are all encouraged to be proactive in maintaining our health. Exercising, eating better and seeing your doctors annually are the keys to a longer, more fulfilling life. If this is what it takes for us to live longer, more active lives, then why aren't we doing this for our IT ...

PCI-DSS - A Short Acronym for a Long Journey - Part 2

Published on 06/27/2013 by Ashini Surati
Category: Compliance

So it seems that I took a long coffee break since my last blog on PCI-DSS!  And yes, that coffee did come from the fancy machine that took my credit card on the 4th floor of your hospital!!  Would you like a memory refresher on what I was talking about?  Click here to read Part 1 of my blog.So where does a health care organization start when looking at compliance with these industry standards?  ...

The Building Blocks of Disaster Recovery

Published on 06/25/2013 by Mark Middleton
Category: Disaster Recovery

With hurricane season looming around the corner, folks will soon be scrambling to dust off their disaster recovery plans, many of them untested, and many unexecutable.  With a three-fold increase in the number of average annual disasters since 1993, along with applicable elements of HIPAA and HITECH legislation, a growing concern of healthcare providers is fortifying their disaster posture before going to battle with the next catastrophe.In an ideal world, a comprehensive disaster recovery playbook would contain ...

MUSE-ings through the looking glass....

Published on 06/10/2013 by Jim Fitzgerald
Category: Blog

I am writing this on the way home from International MUSE 2013, where Park Place International served as a Premier Sponsor. Out of respect for the user community, we have ramped up our support of MUSE considerably, spending almost 1/3 of our marketing budget on sponsorship, exhibits, and related promotion. We also bear the considerable expense of travel and registration for 15 members of our staff. Our technology team created four engaging, purely educational sessions on topics ranging from ...

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device or Bring Your Own Disease (Technological Typhoid Mary)

Published on 06/03/2013 by Chris Lichtenberg
Category: Healthcare IT

I can’t claim credit for the full title.  It was actually taken from a Tech Republic article about viruses and other nasties that personal portable devices can bring.  In fact, if you Google “Bring Your Own Disease”, you’ll find many other related articles.The joy of BYOD is that you can reduce capital expenses for devices like phones, laptops, and tablets. And training employees on the platform is reduced because they are already familiar ...

Virtualization: We've Only Scratched the Surface.

Published on 05/16/2013 by Jim Fitzgerald
Category: Virtualization

In my role at Park Place International, I am fortunate to visit frequently with customers to discuss real-world healthcare IT problems. We try to help customers create sometimes simple, sometimes not-so-simple phased technology migration/adoption plans or roadmaps.When members of the Park Place team attend partner technical conferences for technology updates, training, and certifications, we usually get a heavy dose of the partner technology vision or roadmap. One of the useful things that I think we do here at ...

The Virtual Desktop (VDI), MEDITECH, and the Dreaded Update…

Published on 05/14/2013 by Rob Bruno
Category: Virtualization

Recently, with the deployment of VDI, maintaining the MEDITECH client updates can pose some challenges. The ever-changing client environment makes using some sort of cloning and deployment technology a must.  Why?  With cloning technology you can apply a MEDITECH change to a “gold image” of the desktop, test the changes, and when ready, rapidly deploy the changes.Depending on your VDI supplier, these cloning technologies may work slightly differently.  However, there’s typically a “...

The Value of Strategic Partnerships

Published on 05/07/2013 by Mark Luquire
Category: Healthcare IT

I recently had the privilege to attend and speak at the annual CA World conference at the end of April (http://parkplaceintl.com/News_Events.html) .  The conference focused on many areas of the Information Technology space, from monitoring to client device management, mobile device management, performance management, capacity management and more.  If you had an area of interest in IT, it was likely represented.I was asked to present on Park Place International’s best practice deployment of cloud-based ...

Planning Your Data Center Capacity Needs

Published on 04/23/2013 by Mark Middleton
Category: Healthcare IT

As you plan for your computing demands for the coming years, most IT Managers focus on planning for growth and refreshing applications, servers, storage and network components. An equally important, but often over looked factor, is the actual data center facility itself, which houses, powers, cools, and secures the valuable contents of your IT infrastructure.     Blade and unified computing, while offering many benefits, have definitely resulted in an increase of watts per cabinet to effectively ...

Doing the Right Thing

Published on 04/19/2013 by Harry Travlos
Category: Healthcare IT

I sure do recall the good ol' days, and recently I was able to reflect back on them with many colleagues and friends at a HIMSS event.  It really got me thinking on how simple it used to be. There was one, maybe two vendors that MEDITECH and their customers looked to partner with for infrastructure, networking, handhelds, and services in addition to their MEDITECH software.  We evolved from the super-minicomputer through Motorola-based systems, and then finally ...