Jim Fitzgerald, EVP, Park Place International is Published on HIStalk

In a Readers Write article for HIStalk, Jim FItzgerald shares his thoughts on the emergance of Big Data in the Healthcare IT industry:

"I just got back from HIMSS. Big data, like savoir faire, is everywhere. The cynical side of me says that technology vendors just want to sell more disk or flash drives. The analytical technical businessperson somewhere inside me says that the real play for the people trying to sell you and me on big data is in the tool suites for managing, monitoring, sorting, searching, and processing big data. We will be lured in with open source tools like Hadoop, and then when the hook is deep enough, the vendor community will point out to us why we need their quasi-proprietary toolkit to enhance the “limited feature set” and “programmer required” aspects of Hadoop.

Don't read me wrong.  I think..."

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